Thermo-Reflection Technology

Sleeping Dogs should not be awakened…


Even still, why? Everyone feels comfortable here!


Thanks to Thermo-Reflection Technology, all four-legged friends are relaxed at optimal temperature in their new favourite place.

A simple turn over is enough, and the bed then stores heat or insulates against the cold ground!

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Discover the New Animal Dimension of Resting and Sleeping

Diseases and illnesses of the musculoskeletal system within animals are increasing more and more! Within this context a pleasant and orthopaedic, meaningful bedding system for animals is becoming increasingly important.


Many Needs – Many Requirements – Many Factors.
But only one Bed: ThermoSwitch. The Bed that adapts!

Outside Becomes Inside and Inside Becomes Outside

Two Sides – One Use!

Too Warm?

Too Cold?


  • Memory Foam for ideal adaption to the musculoskeletal system
  • Prevents painful inflammation
  • Maximum easy-on-joints effect
  • Low-Odour and Dirt-Repellent
  • Waterproof and Scratch-resistant
  • Easy to clean thanks to the machine washable cover

Simply Turn it Upside Down – Simply ThermoSwitch!

The best Bed is that which adapts to the conditions.