Thermo-Reflection Technology

Sleeping Dogs should not be awakened…

Even still, why? Your dog feels comfortable here!

Thanks to Thermo-Reflection Technology, all four-legged friends are relaxed at optimal temperature in their new favourite place.

A simple turn over is enough, and the bed then stores heat or insulates against the cold ground!

Discover the New Animal Dimension of Resting and Sleeping

Diseases and illnesses of the musculoskeletal system within animals are increasing more and more! Within this context a pleasant and orthopaedic, meaningful bedding system for animals is becoming increasingly important.

Many Needs – Many Requirements – Many Factors.

But only one Bed: ThermoSwitch. The Bed that adapts!

Outside Becomes Inside and Inside Becomes Outside

Two Sides – One Use!


  • Particularly warming side: the thermal reflection insulates the animal’s body heat and reflects it back. This patented high-tech technology supports the well-being and health of your dog
  • Cooling side: this side is thermally shielded, prevents the bed from heating up and actively contributes to your dog’s well-being in the warm season
  • Memory foam for ideal adaptation to the musculoskeletal system
  • Joint-gentle comfort for your dog
  • Supports against painful joint inflammation
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Removable bed filling
  • Cover washable at 30° degrees
  • Innovation from Germany

Simply Turn it Upside Down – Simply ThermoSwitch!

The best Bed is that which adapts to the conditions.